AT AMC we understand that an emergency can happen at any time. We strive to give you confidence and trust that should emergency medical care be needed, AMC Emergency Staff is here for you. Nearly 60,000 patients each year receive emergency care in our 10-bed Emergency Department including our pediatrics emergency unit. The emergency staff at AMC has experienced staff physicians, specialists, and teams of registered nurses, emergency technicians and support personnel. Our treatment time in the emergency department should give you added trust that our emergency services team is following the best practices for the best patient outcomes. We have 24/7 Emergency Department staff that is ready to answer questions about your emergency needs. You can call our ED team at +962 (6) 5921199 ext. 750



A physician may place a patient in the Critical Care Unit for specialized care and close observation based on the patient’s medical needs. This may be alarming to patients and their family members. Should a higher level of medical care be needed while at Arab Medical Center, our highly trained medical team in the Critical Care Unit delivers the care that your family member requires. Family and loved ones are important for a patient’s recovery and we strive to involve them in the healing process while patients are in critical care. To provide a balance between family contact and patient’s admitted to the critical care units, there are some restrictions on the visiting hours within the critical care departments. Our critical care units are staffed 24/7 with staff that is ready to answer questions about your loved one. You can call ICU at +962 (6) 592 1199 ext.147 or CCU at +962 (6) 592 1199 Ext. 143.